At Greenwood Project Management, LLC we have a wealth of experience in many commercial construction markets and are able to offer the following services and more to our clients: 


  • This is the phase of the project where the key decisions get made that start the path to a successful project.  We can work together with all members of the project team from the very beginning and provide expertise in areas such as picking the perfect location for your project, determining the best Architectural firm for the project, planning and zoning, DNR regulations, all permitting, preliminary cost analysis and budgeting and much, much more.


  • Providing guidance and overall coordination, implementation, execution and completion of your specific project while ensuring consistency with your company’s strategy, commitments and goals!
    • Budgeting
    • Bidding
    • Subcontractor award
      • Subcontractor qualification
      • Subcontractor Contract Management
      • Subcontractor Change Management
    • Scheduling
    • Risk Management
    • Site Supervision
      • Trade Coordination
      • Subcontractor Supervision
      • Site Safety
    • Project Accounting
    • Project Close-out
    • Delivering every project on time and within the project budget!


  • Greenwood Project Management, LLC has a standard agreement that is used as a baseline for developing a final agreement with our Project Owners in assisting them with their projects.  We will review the scope of services and determine what level of needs they are looking for assistance on.  Each project is unique and the Owners also have different levels of expertise within their organization that ultimately determines how much assistance and contribution we provide for each project.  

Why Greenwood?

At Greenwood Project Management our objectives are to...

  • Deliver successful projects for our clients
  • Customize our services to meet our client's needs
  • Always do what’s right!

A project is a success when it meets or exceeds the expectations of all parties. We strive to understand the business of our clients as well as the dream or vision they have for their project and future. By doing this we are able to ensure that we are working in the best interest of our client. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, seamless construction experience for our clients.

Greenwood Project Management is a name you can trust.